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Our Approach

Delivering Your Project

Our Agile approach to projects allows our experts to build customer-centric solutions that meet your bespoke needs.

We have the critical skills required to implement your project. Our tried and tested methodology has a phased approach to deliverables so your organisation can start reaping rewards as soon as possible. The Agile project management approach is based on delivering incremental, iterative work through a projects life cycle. Traditional delivery methods can lead to unexpected delays or inflated costs, but with Agile change is an expected part of the process — a pre-requisite for success in the digital era.


Our development stage consists of discovery, design, development and deployment within each of the stages below



At the centre of everything we do is the user. Discovery sees user researchers and user experience designers work with the user community to understand issues and design a workable solution.


At the Alpha stage, the user can review an early stage prototype highlighting key areas of design.


In the longer Beta stage, the design is developed into a more complete solution and user feedback is gathered. Regular show and tell meetings generate further feedback.


As the solution goes Live, users are supported and further feedback can be gained and fed into a continuous improvement cycle.

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