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what we do

Put Digital in Your DNA

Our expertise in digital process automation and open source and cloud technologies means we can adapt your company to react effortlessly to an ever-changing digital world.

What We Do


We'll help you improve your performance and grow by solving problems and finding new ways of doing things. With over 11 years' experience, we're experts in providing bespoke digital solutions that will help you become efficient, cost-effective and obtain better results.

User-Centred Design

We follow a user-centred design method around the needs and behaviours of the users. We do this by involving your team and your users at every stage of the design process, using prototyping techniques to explore and select design options quickly.


Digital Process Automation

We help you disentangle from legacy systems and change the way you work as part of the digital transformation. Digital Process Automation (DPA) services enable organisations to coordinate people, systems and data across teams and departments 

Check out our DPA page

Service Delivery

With traditional delivery methods, significant changes can result in delays or inflated costs. With Agile, change is an expected part of the process. By using Agile we ensure your project is on time and on budget. It enables close collaboration between developers, system operators, and testers.

Cloud Application Support

Cloud applications are faster, simpler, scalable and cost-effective. We'll provide ongoing Cloud support once your project has gone live. And we use ‘DevSecOps’ to deliver secure applications and support live service capabilities in a streamlined, secure and simpler way.

Digital Enablement

We always try to work as one team with all our clients. Shared learning and knowledge transfer are at the forefront of how we will work with you. We'll train your staff to become skilled digital professionals, empowering your employees and ensuring your organisation maintains a competitive edge.

How We Do It

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure digital change happens effortlessly and the foundations are put in place for continuous growth.



1: Discovery

Each project is unique but we’re good at understanding your problems quickly. We have a very intensive user-centric discovery phase that will allow us to find the best solution and provide demonstrable value for your organisation. 

2: Expertise

We know it can be difficult to get the perfect team and the right skills for your project. That's why we invest in our employees so they can mobiilise at speed and ensure the best outcomes for you. We have SC & DV cleared personnel, with extensive experience of working in secure and regulated environments.

3: Partnerships

We work with the best partners to blend psychology with design to innovate and improve digital services that provide real value and are easy to use.

4: Open-source

We use open-source
open standards-based
technologies to build solutions that help your organisation work effectively. The benefits of adopting open source technologies include cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability.


Why Choose Us?

Using efficient working practices, re-using where possible and by training your staff with the necessary digital skills, we ensure you get the best value for money.

In all projects, it's essential to utilise the skills and knowledge of client teams alongside the expertise of the supplier teams. Our ethos is to work as one team, focused on successfully delivering a shared goal.

We strongly believe the only way to ensure success is to collaborate and work as a team with a “no blame” culture. Sharing knowledge and experience with other team members, even outside our organisation, is something we encourage to ensure our clients' end goals are always met.

During each Agile phase, we will always use collaborative design workshops to rigorously (and pragmatically) challenge the current business and user requirements and explore what requirements may develop in the future.

We work well with all clients regardless of the level of technical expertise. We’ve worked on a broad range of projects for government departments, public and private sector organisations where a key role we’ve played is to support and educate the internal team.

We always look at how we can deliver digital services for our customers in an elegant, cheaper and faster way. That means we're innovative in our approach from design workshops to agile delivery and development, through to our DevSecOps support.

Work for Public Sector?

Zaizi has a proven track record in delivering secure, scalable and successful digital services to the public sector for over a decade. We are an approved partner on the following frameworks;



We Work With Both the Public and Private Sector