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University of Westminster

  • Delivered new web-based services to its students
  • Users have access to all documents and benefit from enhanced search, find and content linking capabilities.
  • Paperless processes in keeping with the University’s green initiatives.

Business Challenge

The University of Westminster needed to replace its first-generation intranet platform with an integrated enterprise content management (ECM) system that would enable the effective and efficient management of information.

Introducing an ECM would help take the university beyond its current use of shared network drives and support improved internal collaboration between academics and professional staff and, through web-enabled services, enhance its partnership capabilities with external bodies.

Business Results

  • Today over 2,500 users have access to 195,000 documents, benefitting from enhanced search, find and content linking capabilities.
  • The new ECM system has reduced reliance on insecure email attachments while boosting the collaboration capabilities of the institution’s staff
  • Data storage is secure and working practices have been streamlined
  • Facilitated paperless processes, in keeping with the University’s commitment to green initiatives.
  • Mobile access to documentation means staff have access to resources, wherever they are based
  • Each service unit has the flexibility to operate its own individual business environment


 “Zaizi has delivered a solution with guaranteed uptime and none of the overhead or hassle of on-going system maintenance or evolution. Their subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model gives us the flexibility to scale with ease to meet future user demand while keeping our costs consistent and predictable. They also managed the migration of our content to their infrastructure in a manner that was virtually seamless to the end user.

Hiten Vaghmaria | Head of Digital Development, Information Services | University of Westminster.

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