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Oxfam International

Building a Global Intranet - Oxfam International’s new global Intranet is the only system that connects all of its 17 affiliate organisations, integrating more than 8,900 field workers and enabling them to collaborate and communicate more effectively.


Business Challenge

In 2010, Oxfam International identified a major opportunity to dramatically improve communications and knowledge sharing across its confederation by creating a single global intranet, At the time, the affiliates used a number of systems to communicate and share information but there was considerable room for improvement. Many field workers in remote locations with low bandwidth found it difficult or impossible to access the systems.


Business Result

  • Working groups — field workers can choose to join any of more than 700 groups to share information about established areas of business and also create their own groups to discuss other topics, such as new developments in mobile technology.
  • Governance groups — these allow global team members to share policies, governance and other materials to better coordinate and develop shared projects and maintain a common strategy across the whole organisation.
  • News and information — the Intranet provides a hub for sharing information and assets, from new developments in the Confederation to the new company logo and branding tools needed when Oxfam rolled out a new brand identity.


“This was about more than simply controlling software license fees, but ensuring that the costs of integrating and adapting the chosen platform to our diverse IT architecture would stay within budget as we scaled. The system also needed to be easy enough for our field workers around the world to learn on their own even with minimal training.


Gabriele Sani | Intranet Manager | Oxfam International