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Bristol City Council

  • Major transformation programme
  • Unified document management
  • Reduced paper storage


Responding to cuts in central government funding, Bristol City Council embarked on a major transformation programme in a bid to shave £70 million from its annual operating budget and simultaneously deliver more digital IT services.


Business Challenge

Bristol City Council needed to ensure its frontline public services were delivered effectively and that it continuously improves citizens' access to its services. Analysis of the Council’s service highlighted information management issues that impeded the delivery of improved services. To successfully rationalise and remodel its services, Bristol City Council needed to remove silo-based information systems and deliver council-wide data access that improved the sharing of data and information.


Business Results

  • Streamlined and automated document management
  • Improved internal collaboration and file sharing while enabling collaboration with partner agencies
  • Enabled the introduction of innovative new workforce practices; mobile working with remote workforce scheduling and digital reporting
  • Improved productivity and greater efficiency in the delivery of citizen services
  • Supported automated digital services for business customers
  • Provided a fully scalable solution — up to 7000 employees will be able to collaborate in an instant


 “We started working with Zaizi in the very early stages of designing the Alfresco implementation. What I found hugely positive and secure was their direct access and detailed knowledge of the platform coupled with their very flexible approach. We could have someone on-site with a real intimate knowledge of Alfresco, you always knew you were working with an expert who had really been there before and that had implemented Alfresco in multiple organisations”


DR. Gavin Beckett | Chief Enterprise Architect for Bristol City Council


Technology And Forward Thinking, A recipe For Smarter Working

Guest Blog By Robin Lewis,

EDRM Domain Manager, Bristol City Council

“Like a lot of councils, we’re having to think about how we shape ourselves for the future. Nothing ever stays the same for very long and the pace of technological change has not only transformed how we engage citizens but how they, in turn, want to interact with us.”


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