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    RPA for government: dynamite or kryptonite?
    The opportunity for any organisation to automate high volume, repetitive tasks is one which is full of allure. When you’re a government department or agency whose core business is built around people-heavy processes it’s even more attractive.   Along with the potential for cost savings and error reduction is the bigger goal of making swathes of routine operations digital and of course, better serving citizens.
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    Q&A: Driving efficiencies with Digital Process Automation
    Recently, we hosted the webinar ‘How to automate processes and drive efficiencies in Local Government.' Here is an amended write-up of the webinar Q&A, including answers to questions we didn’t have time to respond to, with our Digital Process Automation (DPA) Lead Tim Stephenson.
  • Cogs with process automation written on them
    WATCH: How Digital Process Automation can help local government automate and drive efficiencies
    Zaizi hosted a webinar looking at how local councils can use Digital Process Automation (DPA) to provide better services for residents against the backdrop of the constant funding challenges councils face.
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    Join us here every month for our ten minute web talks showcasing Zaizi's solutions, including Alfresco add ons, technology integrations and document centric solutions for the enterprise
  • Digital by Default Webinar: Your Questions Answered
    As a follow up to our Webinar: Digital by Default: New ways of working, here are all the questions that were asked at the end of the session.
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