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We are diverse, but are we inclusive?

By Tracey Robinson - 23rd December 2019

We've all heard about diversity in the workplace, but is being diverse good enough? And how does being diverse differ from being inclusive?

Before we answer that let's explain what diversity means. Workplace diversity means understanding and accepting the values and differences of people in an organisation. 

Inclusivity, on the other hand, is about involving and collaborating with ALL employees. It's about creating a collaborative, supportive, open and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of everyone.

Having a diverse workplace means differences exist but inclusion takes it further by considering the motivators of everyone so they don't just exist in the organisation but actually feel valued too.

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What's Zaizi doing?

Zaizi has a diverse workforce that includes a range of ages, ethnicities, religions and worldviews. Creating a culture where people are respected and appreciated requires another level of effort. The challenge is having a culture where all employees feel included and have a say. 

And the benefits are clear to see. Having inclusivity and the mix of different opinions and views leads to innovation. Aside from the obvious business benefits, it also means everyone is fairly and equally represented — it's just the right thing to do!

Tips to ensure you're inclusive

It’s important to have a diverse workforce but it’s more important to make sure people are happy once they join your organisation. So, what can be done to ensure your organisation is inclusive?

  • Diversity and inclusion should come from the top.
  • Make sure everyone’s voice is heard, opinions are considered and they feel valued as team members
  • Train employees at all levels to show that inclusivity is a core competency.
  • Value differences and create employee networks ensuring people can feel comfortable bringing their “full selves” to work.
  • Identify underrepresented groups’ needs, and give them the necessary support and resources.
  • Provide workers with a safe space to voice their concerns.

People are key to the ongoing success of every organisation, so promoting diversity AND inclusion amongst employees should be a priority.

About the author: Tracey Robinson
Tracey is the Head of People & Culture. She is responsible for employee engagement and retention and growing the highly talented team at Zaizi. She is passionate about the Zaizi culture and making Zaizi a great place to work.