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  • wireframe picture with word 'content'
    Want to improve the discovery and alpha process? Get a content designer
    Content isn’t just something you inject into design at a late stage. Here’s how Zaizi’s been working to embed content design in projects from the outset - and why loren ipsum is the enemy of good design. 
  • a neon light graphic that says 'mission complete'
    How we do mission-driven development
    Earlier in the year, we looked at mission-driven development and the benefits it can provide a project. In this blog, I’ll show give you a step-by-step guide on how we do this at Zaizi.
  • Service Design: Image of lady and word bubbles around her describing a 'great' service
    How to use the principles of service design to improve your product or service
    Service design is seeing a real boom lately. So, why is it becoming so popular?
  • People using post-it notes
    5 ways affinity mapping can supercharge your user research
    Affinity mapping is one of the most common methods for synthesising user research, and for good reason. When it’s done right, it’s an effective – and, whisper it, actually quite fun – way of transforming the raw material of user interviews into deep, actionable insights.   
  • User testing graphic
    User research during Covid: Keeping it real, when everything’s online
    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and work. And as user researchers, where meeting and observing users is integral to the role, we've had to adapt.    Even though we're working remotely with users, our purpose remains the same — to champion users’ needs and see how technology can best help them to achieve their goals.  
  • Graphic of a research session
    What are user stories and why do you need them?
    A user story is a way of describing what the user needs. It's a short and simple description told from the perspective of that person.
  • Graphic of a trainee graduate
    Diary of a graduate trainee: Getting involved in projects
    Hi everyone, Gemma here again. This month’s been all about projects — and it’s been a busy one! I’ve finished my online training (woop!) and I’ve been working on two projects; one that’s in the discovery phase and another that’s just a few weeks away from go-live.
  • Picture of people planning
    How to plan and deliver your automation project
    Accelerating your digital transformation through the use of automation has reached a tipping point in central government. What was once considered a technology for the future is now entering the mainstream. 
  • Picture of Gov.Uk - GDS Government Service Standard
    GDS’ updated Service Standard comes into force — what does it mean?
    The GDS' updated Service Standard – initially introduced in 2014 to help government create and run user-led digital services – has now come into force. From 1 July, any new discovery work undertaken by government bodies needs to adhere to the new standards. At some point, services already in progress will transition to the updated standards but GDS says this is unlikely to happen before early 2020.
  • Illustration of Agile working
    Optimising Agile for user-centred design
    A few weeks ago, I overheard a conversation on a train between two, let’s call them ‘seasoned’ consultants, who were raving to each other about this wonderful new methodology they’d discovered called ‘Agile' and how they were super excited to learn more and put it into practice. Using all the Agile buzzwords, they obviously thought Agile was the answer to all their problems. 
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