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Zaizi to exhibit at IRMS Conference 2015

By Chris Conway - 13th May 2015

From 17-19 May, Zaizi will be in Wales to spread the message to the attendees of IRMS Conference 2015 that, ‘There are no records, there is only information.’ 

At Zaizi we want organisations to shift their idea of data as an unexplored record that is kept for compliance, back up or just in case it might be needed. Instead, we want records to be seen as a mines of information that bring endless business benefits. 

A shift in perception alone won’t make records into information. Technology needs to be deployed and adopted – specifically, advanced search and seamless collaboration

The information held in records is extensive, but often difficult to make sense of.  It can be stored in different locations, legacy servers, private cloud and public, in different formats, often completely or partly unstructured. That means most search tools just aren’t able to connect users with the data they crave.

Advanced search has a crucial role to play in overcoming this barrier as it gives employees the power to turn data into actionable insights by making sure that information is clear, relevant and enables a yes or no business decision to be decisively taken.

These days however, information in isolation is useless – mobile and fragmented work forces need to be able to collaborate seamlessly.  This needs to go way beyond instant messaging and local file sharing, rather employees need to be able to work together on information held across the organisation.

But no matter how smart the technology, records remain just records. Why is this? Because there is a third pillar in turning data into information, user adoption

When planning these changes, managers need to give careful consideration to how employees will be encouraged to use the technology and the resulting information. At Zaizi we take steps like having end-user friendly and rich media tutorials available for technology, which make these often confusing innovations, accessible to anyone. However, you should go beyond relying on vendors tools. Consider who early adopters should be, e.g. senior managers or particular teams, what incentives should there be for an employee to adopt or repercussions for not adopting, and whether the system is practical for all teams and levels.

To help us better understand the challenges that people are facing, we’re launching a survey and would love to get your input. Click below in order to input and help shape the future of records management. 



About the author: Chris Conway
Chris is a content and video producer for Zaizi. Chris has a passion for all things digital and has recently produced interview videos for our clients such as BCC, UOW and Oxfam amongst others. He recently produced online ‘how to guides’ for records management, collaboration and search and manages our monthly web talks on new technical insights innovative open source technologies.