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DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

By Niraj Meegama - 20th October 2014

Drupal 8 released

Drupal Con Amsterdam 2014 happened this September 29th to 3rd October. It was my first Drupal Con. From start to end it was nothing but awesome. The Con started with Drupal Training and Summits on the Monday but officially started the next day with an entertaining  prenote by icons from the Drupal community Robert Douglass and Jeffrey McGuire. The main feature from the prenote was that community leaders like Dries, webchick etc talked about how Drupal Con inspired and changed their life and made way to thousands of onlookers to make a change in their life starting at that very moment at Drupal Con 2014. The keynote By Dries Buytaert interestingly did not talk about Drupal but gave the audience a view on how the outside world can be applied into Drupal and how the outside world in return can benefit from it. The entertaining and interesting opening sessions were followed by the good old group Photo which marked the start of the sessions. Among other keynotes the intense keynote by Cory Doctorow got everyone installing opensource operating systems on their laptops. To everyone's surprise Drupal 8 beta was released on the second day of Drupal Con.


Awesome sessions


The Sessions were packed with knowledge. I especially want to mention a few sessions here starting with the session by @crell "Drupal 8 the Crash Course" was the the best overview of Drupal 8 in the shortest and sweetest way, speaker @dasrecht "Deploying your Sites with Drush" session was mind blowing when with one command, he deployed a Drupal site in a matter of minutes. Popular with the audiences Matt Cheney and David Strauss kept us on our feet with their session "Drupal 8 CMI on Managed Workflow". @rupl (Chris Ruppel ) "Automated Frontend Testing" was very informative and during his session he demonstrated some neat tools like CasperJS, Grunt, Slimmer, Phantom which were really cool to use when I got back home. The session "Cracking Drupal" by Klaus Purer and Peter Wolanin members of the Drupal security team, provided a lot of tips on how to protect your website from hackers. So All in all the sessions were worth millions to all Drupal developers out there who are passionate and have a thirst for knowledge.


Hands-on Sprints!


The final day started with some interesting lightning talks and ended with the closing session which as predicted gave the audience a few pleasant surprises. Although Drupal Con ended there were 2 days more for Sprints which I thought was the best opportunity for all Drupal developers to hangout and have a go at Drupal core. It was very exiting to be mentored by the best community members and sit among 300 or so developers to try and contribute back to Drupal. I personally managed to contribute to issue queues and also managed to contribute my first patch to Drupal 8 while learning a lot about Drupal 8 itself. So all in all Drupal Con Amsterdam ended in a high note for me and thousands of other Drupal enthusiasts. It was a once in a lifetime experience and a good one to have with you to take back home.

Here are some great pictures from the event!




Whats next?


There have been huge advancements in what we are achieving with Drupal for some of our clients, being a Drupal expert and enthusiast for many years now, I will be doing a webinar very soon on just this! stay tuned for more information. 



About the author: Niraj Meegama
Senior technical lead for Zaizi. Niraj is a Acquia Certified Drupal Developer and has spent the last 5 years specialising in developing web based systems with PHP and PHP frameworks such as Drupal and Symfony.