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    Building better, more efficient services: the Home Office's ambitious 2024 DDaT strategy
    The Home Office Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) published its 2024 strategy, looking at ways it can work more efficiently and better respond to its users. The strategy sets out how the department will reduce costs and consolidate its technologies while being product-centric and data-driven to meet users’ needs.  At the heart of the strategy are six principles:
  • Q&A graphic
    Service design in the public sector — webinar Q&A
    As part of Digital Leaders Week 2021, Zaizi’s senior service designer Mick Angel gave a presentation titled 'How can service design help drive value in public sector projects?'  It prompted many questions both during and after the webinar, not all of which Mick had time to tackle during the talk itself. Below, Mick addresses and expands on some of the questions asked. 
  • a neon light graphic that says 'mission complete'
    How we do mission-driven development
    Earlier in the year, we looked at mission-driven development and the benefits it can provide a project. In this blog, I’ll show give you a step-by-step guide on how we do this at Zaizi.
  • Picture of Ainga
    Interview with Computing: Zaizi’s recent successes and award wins
    Growing our public sector client base made 2020 Zaizi's "best year yet" — and there's more to come, says our founder and CEO Aingaran Pillai in an interview with the UK’s leading business technology publication.
  • User testing graphic
    User research during Covid: Keeping it real, when everything’s online
    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and work. And as user researchers, where meeting and observing users is integral to the role, we've had to adapt.    Even though we're working remotely with users, our purpose remains the same — to champion users’ needs and see how technology can best help them to achieve their goals.  
  • Graphic of 2021
    Digital Transformation: What the public sector needs to consider in 2021
    It was an eventful 2020. And 2021 is expected to be equally tumultuous as we continue to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic and deal with life outside the EU. But amongst this uncertain backdrop, how can the public sector accelerate its digital transformation journey? Here, some members of our leadership team give their views on what government needs to consider in the coming year.  
  • Picture of people on top of a mountain, having completed their mission
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
    Mastered by the Prussians in the 19th century, ‘mission command’ is a well-known military doctrine that encourages soldiers to use their own initiative in battle. 
  • review graphic
    2020: The year in review
    The year started with a promise of change — a new decade and a freshly elected government that wanted digital to play a big role in public sector reforms.
  • Our work in 2020
    With 2020 coming to a close, it's a good opportunity to look at some of the work we’ve taken on this year. This isn’t an exhaustive list — we’re not allowed to talk about some of the work we do — but it does show the breadth of work we’ve done this year; from discovery, to build, to support — and all remotely! Here's a quick snapshot.  
  • Graphic of blog
    Diary of a graduate trainee: The highlights, challenges and next steps
    Hi everyone, this is my fourth and final blog in the graduate series! Thanks if you’ve been reading along with them, I’ve really enjoyed documenting my first few months at Zaizi.  To wrap up, I thought I’d just talk about what I’ve learnt over the past few months.
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