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  • Picture of Gov.Uk - GDS Government Service Standard
    GDS’ updated Service Standard comes into force — what does it mean?
    The GDS' updated Service Standard – initially introduced in 2014 to help government create and run user-led digital services – has now come into force. From 1 July, any new discovery work undertaken by government bodies needs to adhere to the new standards. At some point, services already in progress will transition to the updated standards but GDS says this is unlikely to happen before early 2020.
  • Gov.UK website
    Digital by Default: Working to GDS’ Government Service Standard principles
    The GDS Government Service Standard — formerly Digital Service Standard — helps government create and run, user-led digital services.  As part of the government’s wider ‘Digital by Default’ drive, the service standard was introduced in 2014 and updated a year later to reduce the number of assessments from 26 to 18. You can find the list here.
  • local_councils
    Local councils to lead the open source movement
    Local councils are under enormous pressure to simultaneously cut costs and deliver even more services in the face of long-term austerity. Bristol City Council, for example, is having to manage a portfolio of fourteen different change programmes simultaneously, out of necessity.
  • open_source
    What Open Source means to government and citizens
    It was described as "a resounding call to scrap the government’s policy on open standards", as Mark Ballard from Computer Weekly wrote here in an article titled “Proprietary lobby triumphs in first open standards showdown”.
  • Open source_standards_thumbnail
    Open source: Take back control of your IT
    How harnessing open-source technologies can exponentially deliver greater value from your digital architecture.
  • Second Open Gov Summit looks at how open source & open standards are driving the Cloud Revolution
    Last year saw the first Open Gov Summit hosted by Zaizi. The London headquartered open source consultancy hosted the fully-booked Summit which attracted an eclectic audience that included open source pundits, public sector IT leaders, leads of open source projects, open source software vendors, consultants and journalists.
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