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  • product management and service design webinar graphic
    Watch webinar: Product management and service design in government
    The popularity of product management and service design is growing in the public sector and government.  In the Digital Leaders Week webinar, our head of product Steven MacLellan talks about how the two disciplines help deliver the correct outcome for both users and stakeholders. 
  • DPA BPMN workflow
    Under the hood: Building a low-code digital service with Digital Process Automation
    Here is an overview of how we can quickly implement a digital service suitable for both citizens and partners with Digital Process Automation (DPA). The following video shows how a local council can use DPA to digitise and streamline its housing process, empowering public sector employees to create solutions quickly and easily, saving time and money compared to both manual and custom code approaches.
  • Digital Processs Automation in the Public Sector video still
    Watch: Example of Digital Process Automation in action
    Digital Process Automation (DPA) is a great way to help employees create digital solutions quickly and easily, saving time and money. Here is a real-life scenario, set in a local council housing department, to highlight the advantages of DPA compared to both manual and custom code approaches.
  • Public sector staff huddled around PC concerned about digital transformation problems
    Digital Transformation: What problems are public sector organisations looking to solve?
    Public sector organisations are wrestling to address a whole host of issues when they embark on their digital transformation journey.
  • Q&A graphic
    Q&A: Driving efficiencies with Digital Process Automation
    Recently, we hosted the webinar ‘How to automate processes and drive efficiencies in Local Government.' Here is an amended write-up of the webinar Q&A, including answers to questions we didn’t have time to respond to, with our Digital Process Automation (DPA) Lead Tim Stephenson.
  • Cogs with process automation written on them
    WATCH: How Digital Process Automation can help local government automate and drive efficiencies
    Zaizi hosted a webinar looking at how local councils can use Digital Process Automation (DPA) to provide better services for residents against the backdrop of the constant funding challenges councils face.
  • Infographic with local government terms
    Local Digital Declaration: Creating a blueprint to ‘fix the plumbing’ in local government
    Local government is walking a tight-rope. It’s balancing the challenges of updating legacy systems to provide better services to citizens but with less money — for example, councils in England are potentially facing a funding gap of £8 billion by 2025. So what is being done about this?
  • Local_Gov_Camp
    Reflections On LocalGovCamp 2017
    Having spent much of 2017 working with organisations like Nesta and tracking exemplars in local government across the country. We’ve been aware of progress being made in using data to drive innovative service development.
  • If Your Data Is Broken Then So Is Your GDPR Strategy
    If Your Data Is Broken Then So Is Your GDPR Strategy
    Most of you will be familiar with the mantra teachers drilled into us at school: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This mantra could not be more apt for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the May 2018 looming, the GDPR compliance clock is only getting louder and louder. With just over a year to go, it could be easy for government organisations to be complacent but I would caution against this. GDPR will demand huge changes to organisational, IT Infrastructure and
  • Alfresco Meetups for Government | Follow up
    The follow up to the Alfresco Meetup for Government event held at TechUK, specifically for sharing innovative ideas for using open source platforms to ensure government employs better ways of working.
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