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  • Person entering data on a spreadsheet
    Still entering data manually? Digitise & automate your systems
    Be honest, how many times have you filled in a spreadsheet this week? A quick search on a well-known jobs site found me 1406 jobs matching ‘data entry’ and that’s before we include titles like finance or credit controllers, accounts payable and everything related to stock control.  And don’t even get me started about the print and re-type rubber bands holding our NHS together.
  • Image forms
    Garbage-in/garbage-out: why data quality is critical to digital automation
    When it comes to conversations about automation, it’s typically the possibilities that technology has to offer which grab the headlines. Although it’s important for people to understand the kind of efficiency gains that robots or artificial intelligence can deliver for organisations, there are pre-requisites to consider beforehand to achieve those gains and that merits airtime as well.
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