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  • Making the decision to move from Alfresco Community to Enterprise
    Alfresco as an open source product is great because it is free to use (GPL Licence), but only when they are offered as a Community Edition. Functionalities of Community and Enterprise are exactly the same. But Enterprise Edition differs by the service or support that you eventually have to pay for.
  • Sensefy - Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search
    Meaningfully structuring content is critical for companies, Natural Language Processing and Semantic Enrichment is becoming increasingly important to improve the quality of tasks related to information retrieval.
  • Alfresco Records Management - Simple + Smart
    The Alfresco Platform offers Document management and Records Management as a single productivity tool . With Alfresco, Records Management is now just part of your standard working practice — automatically managing, capturing and declaring records while being invisible to the end-users.
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