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Watch: Crafter’s headless CMS breaking the bottlenecks of traditional platforms

By Jamil Hussein - 21st February 2020

Crafter Software CEO Mike Vertal came to our offices recently and we took the opportunity to speak to him about Crafter, Headless CMS and why Zaizi was chosen as its Solution Partner of the Year

Mike says Crafter Software is looking to bring in a “new era of innovation with rapid and agile development of content applications.” 

He highlights the difference between Crafter and other headless CMS providers, with its headless 'plus' system providing benefits to not only developers but also content authors. Mike also talks about the future and how he thinks headless will evolve. 

Crafter Software recently chose Zaizi as its Solutions Partner of the Year. Mike says Crafter looked at all its global partners and Zaizi came out on top for a number of reasons, including: 

  • Zaizi's commercial perspective — and showcasing great customer success. 
  • Engagement with Crafter Software's open source community; participating in its public slack channels and discussion forums 
  • Working with the product and engineering teams, contributing codes and ideas to its product roadmap.
  • And overall engagement with its sales and marketing teams.  

Watch the above video for more

If you would like to know more about headless CMS or about Crafter CMS, get in touch with us. 
About the author: Jamil Hussein
Jamil is the Content Manager at Zaizi. He specialises in video production and has worked as a journalist for various online news organisations for over 10 years.