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  • A picture of Blake on one of his expeditions
    Encouraging the curious mind — inside and outside of work
    Our developers love to build! And we love hiring skilled individuals who are always looking to excel and improve. These keen enthusiasts don’t just stop when they finish work; they take that passion outside of work too.
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    Watch: Crafter’s headless CMS breaking the bottlenecks of traditional platforms
    Crafter Software CEO Mike Vertal came to our offices recently and we took the opportunity to speak to him about Crafter, Headless CMS and why Zaizi was chosen as its Solution Partner of the Year. 
  • CMS graphic
    What is a headless CMS?
    There is a lot of hype around headless CMSs. It’s something we’ve been working with in the past few years with our clients. But what is a headless CMS and how does it differ from a traditional content management system?  
  • The Crafter award given to Zaizi
    Zaizi wins Crafter Software's Solution Partner of the Year 2019 Award
    Crafter Software, the award-winning provider of innovative web content management solutions, announced that Zaizi is the recipient of its Solution Partner Award for 2019. 
  • Immerse your customers in rich, social web experiences with Crafter
    In order to win the top position of your customers you need to adapt your content from text to video, audio and images to fit these trends. You may improve social interactions and features but yet these improvements may not sustain your competitive advantage for long.
  • Publishing made more powerful than just Web Content Management
    Technical innovation has sparked significant social change in the publishing industry and we now live in an era where information is available in abundance. Information is growing at an exponential rate and massive portion of 80% of this information is unstructured and unusable to a large extent.
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