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  • Infrastructure_Continuous_Deployment
    Infrastructure continuous deployment
    During the last decade cloud computing has become the norm and more and more customers are migrating from their on-premise data centres to the cloud.
  • DevOps
    Make DevOps work for you
    Understand what DevOps is. It’s not something you buy off the shelf. It’s not a tool you install or a just another process you hire a consultant to develop. DevOps is much more of a philosophy of software development.
  • Add your load tests to the Continuous Integration Pipeline
    Add your load tests to the Continuous Integration Pipeline
    SeleniumConf ’17 (Selenium Flagship conference) was held on the 3rd-5th of April 2017, in Austin,Texas and I was delighted to be invited again to speak , with yet another session titled, 'Leverage Your Load Tests With JMeter And Selenium Grid' all about the work I have been doing on automated load testing with Alfresco for continuous deployment and integration.
  • Continuous delivery for Alfresco
    Alfresco upgrades can range from the very simple and quick to those requiring days or weeks of downtime. Obviously weeks of downtime is unacceptable and this can be one of the barriers keeping customers on older versions of Alfresco.
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