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  • secure_collaboration
    Secure Collaboration in Government
    You can now expect most of the services delivered by your local or central government to be found online either through a desktop or a mobile platform. Not only will this offer a better service for everyone, it should see massive savings in cost and an all round better experience.
  • university of Westminster
    University of Westminster choose Zaizi to operate Alfresco SaaS platform
    A leading international education institution, the University of Westminster needed an integrated enterprise content management to enable effective and efficient collaboration between academics and staff both internal and external to the organisation.
  • oxfam
    Has Oxfam Got It Right?
    ounded in Oxford in 1942, Oxfam is one of the best known and well respected of international agencies and Gabriele Sani, Intranet Manager of Oxfam International, had to find a solution within his constrained budget, not an easy task in these financially challenging times. He wanted to share with other charities what Oxfam had achieved.
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