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  • AWS
    2017 looking good with AWS
    Amazon Web Services have announced the opening of their London based UK region. They informed of their intentions at the end of 2015 to open a UK region, which has been hotly anticipated throughout the year with many events in the UK and worldwide to showcase their new services and solutions
  • AWS to revolutionise data use
    The government must look to AWS to revolutionise data use
    Attending the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in London earlier this month was an eye opening experience and provided a glimpse into how data can be ingested, stored and analysed in the most efficient way – not in the future, but today.
  • Going ugly with Data
    In the last few weeks we have had the privilege to visit two great data events, the first one was #OpenDefra, the department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs “unconference,” a great showcase and networking event for people around government and data users.
  • MICO Enterprise Cross Media Search
    MICO is a European Union part-funded research project to provide cross-media analysis solutions for online multimedia producers. MICO will develop models, standards and software tools to jointly analyse, query and retrieve information out of connected and related media objects (text, image, audio, video, office documents) to provide better information extraction results for more relevant search and information discovery.
  • Jayani Withanawasam, Senior R&D Engineer at Zaizi announces launch of her new book ‘Apache Mahout Essentials’
    Jayani focuses on applying machine learning techniques to provide smart content management solutions. At Zaizi, she has worked extensively on Apache Mahout and related technologies in building some of Zaizi’s cutting edge solutions. She has also been selected to speak at many conferences on this topic and recently presented at Alfresco Summit where she presented on machine learning for Alfresco document management system.
  • Four Ways Big Data, Analytics and Business Process Management are changing the insurance industry
    “Big Data” is disrupting all industries. It can even be used to change the way we play sports, shop, and live, and its potential to transform a range of professions, from insurance to healthcare, is increasingly apparent.
  • Big Data with AIIM and Zaizi - An interview with AIIM’s Director of Market Intelligence
    Recently we talked about the state of ECM via our exclusive interview with John Mancini, the President of AIIM. Today we also have another exclusive interview with Doug Miles, AIIM’s Director of Market Intelligence who enlightened us on the challenges and future of ‘Big Data’ for organizations.
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