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  • DPA BPMN workflow
    Under the hood: Building a low-code digital service with Digital Process Automation
    Here is an overview of how we can quickly implement a digital service suitable for both citizens and partners with Digital Process Automation (DPA). The following video shows how a local council can use DPA to digitise and streamline its housing process, empowering public sector employees to create solutions quickly and easily, saving time and money compared to both manual and custom code approaches.
  • Using Facial Recognition
    Two-factor authentication and facial recognition with Keycloak
    With online safety becoming an increasing concern, the adoption of two-factor authentication is prevalent. Single passwords are no longer robust in this day and age, and so the need for a second layer of protection ensures better security of online accounts. The commonly used two-factor authentication methods at the moment are One-Time Passwords (SMS Verification or App-Generated Codes), Tokens, RFID cards and Security Keys. 
  • Cloud Migration
    Cloud Migration
    AWS announced on the 13th of December 2016 the immediate availability of the new Europe (London) Region. The London Region joined Ireland and Frankfurt as AWS’s third European location, and provides customers with a new option for end users and applications benefiting from infrastructure located in Europe.
  • Government Roundtable Briefing with Alfresco, AWS & Zaizi
    The Government Roundtable powered by Alfresco, AWS & Zaizi, which took place in London on 23 June 2017 brought together top CEOs, Directors and Business Managers from across the Public Sector.
  • Alexa_Challenge
    Alexathon: Zaizi's Alexa challenge kicks off!
    We all know that you can do some awesome stuff with Alexa from ‘Alexa call me an uber’ to ‘find my phone’ to ‘Alexa start a 7min workout’! We thought we’d try our own hand at using the Amazon Alexa API calls to prototype some great new uses for Alexa for us Zaizi enthusiasts.
  • AWS
    2017 looking good with AWS
    Amazon Web Services have announced the opening of their London based UK region. They informed of their intentions at the end of 2015 to open a UK region, which has been hotly anticipated throughout the year with many events in the UK and worldwide to showcase their new services and solutions
  • AWS to revolutionise data use
    The government must look to AWS to revolutionise data use
    Attending the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in London earlier this month was an eye opening experience and provided a glimpse into how data can be ingested, stored and analysed in the most efficient way – not in the future, but today.
  • Zaizi at AWS Summit
    We had the pleasure of attending the AWS Summit that took place at the London Excel on July 7th 2016. What a fantastic turnout with over 5000 people ready and eager to learn. We arrived by 9AM and after registering made our way to Excel’s auditorium that was equipped with massive screens and audio systems which felt like we were about to attend a David Guetta concert! (pretty impressive montage).
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