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  • Picture of people planning
    How to plan and deliver your automation project
    Accelerating your digital transformation through the use of automation has reached a tipping point in central government. What was once considered a technology for the future is now entering the mainstream. 
  • Picture from Alfresco Day
    Key takeouts from Alfresco Day
    Here are the key takeouts from the recent Alfresco Day with my thoughts on the overall event at the end of the piece.  
  • AI robot
    Is the public sector implementing Artificial Intelligence properly?
    Artificial Intelligence provides huge opportunities for government to deliver more for less through increased productivity and to improve the lives of citizens.  The government understands its importance – AI and Data was named as one of the four ‘Grand Challenges’ in the Industrial Strategy White Paper. 
  • Brexit and Digital Transformation
    How the Public Sector can use Brexit to transform digitally
    Whatever Brexit deal we end up with, it will have an impact on public sector institutions. For some, like central government departments, there will be major transitional work as responsibilities from the EU transfer back to the UK.
  • How deep learning algorithms are changing lives – and business
    "By the time IBM made adjustments to Deep Blue, its brute processing power meant it could evaluate 200 separate million positions every second and had earned a position in the TOP500 list of the most powerful supercomputers."
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