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Why you should adopt cloud & embed 'good enough' cyber security

27th September 2018

We produced a blog for techUK's cloud week on why organisations should embrace cloud & embed 'good enough' cyber security.  


Andrew Hawkins, our head of sales, says adopting cloud will give organisations the opportunity to grow, innovate and see cost savings. But in implementing cloud, cyber security has to be at the forefront of business thinking.



His 3 key takeaways for organisations are:


  • Embed cyber security into the business. It's not a bolt on but factored in from the start.
  • 'Good enough' security is good enough – it doesn't have to be gold-plated. Implement security that you need at the time; recognising your objectives, risks and threats. Evolve it as threats change – and that should be 'good enough.'  
  • Cloud providers take cyber security seriously — it’s at the heart of what they do. And so Cloud is ready for business applications. Businesses should take a Cloud First approach, much like the public sector.    

You can read the in-depth blog on techUK.