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  • Man looking at a Digital Process Automation workflow
    Getting on the front foot: A structured approach to Digital Process Automation
    Last time we looked at how you can take a bottom-up approach with Digital Process Automation (DPA) to control your legacy systems.
  • Man looking at a Digital Process Automation workflow
    What is Digital Process Automation and why do I need it?
    One of the benefits of Digital Process Automation (DPA) is that it provides a roadmap on how you can quickly understand, visualise and improve processes. In the previous blog, we looked at how APIs help with overhauling legacy systems. In this blog, we’ll see how DPA helps you coordinate these APIs and their implementations.
  • Finger about to press the letters API
    Public sector digital transformation: You can’t ignore this any longer - open the ‘too hard’ box
    A big challenge public sector bodies face when it comes to digital transformation is the ambivalence to changing legacy systems; ‘what's the need to replace existing systems?’ some say. Government departments have done well in changing the front-end services citizens use, but not tackling legacy back-end systems will lead to problems over time. 
  • AWS,-Google-and-Microsoft-Vision-API-Comparison
    AWS, Google and Microsoft Vision API Comparison
    Over the past year, major software vendors including Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have shown great interest in developing image analysis APIs and applications. These companies have introduced suites of image analysis APIs offering a vast range of image analysis features. Using a computer vision API, a user can simply submit an image of a busy city and receive semantics tags such as city, buildings, people, whether it’s a photo taken at daytime or night etc, as analysis results of the image.
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