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  • Alfresco_Meetup
    Alfresco Meetup for government - One year in
    Our last Alfresco meetup of the year, with two main sessions on Alfresco Search and Information Governance with Office 365, and the breakout sessions, expanding on the main talks, but also a session on Case Management and a brand new session, a Beginners Guide to Alfresco.
  • Sensefy - Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search
    Meaningfully structuring content is critical for companies, Natural Language Processing and Semantic Enrichment is becoming increasingly important to improve the quality of tasks related to information retrieval.
  • The next generation in Alfresco search is here!
    With Enterprise Document Management we can store any kind of paper- like document, and also paper-unlike as multimedia content. This content could be a document, a record, at some point a document and later a record...whatever. But once you store such documents, users will want to perform operation with them.
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