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News and Events

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Zaizi invests in modern new offices in the heart of Colombo
Zaizi - an award winning open source software consultancy - announces expansion of its existing operations in Colombo, with the opening of a modern new office in the heart of Colombo. Headquartered in London, UK; Zaizi is experiencing tremendous growth as organisations make significant investment in digital transformation programmes and choose the technologies Zaizi specialises in for those programmes
How deep learning algorithms are changing lives – and business
"By the time IBM made adjustments to Deep Blue, its brute processing power meant it could evaluate 200 separate million positions every second and had earned a position in the TOP500 list of the most powerful supercomputers."
Digital transformation: managing the transition from digitised to digital
Becoming a digital business is not a minor undertaking. After years of digitising individual processes and adding layers of web-enabled interaction to underlying operations, many organisations find themselves on the brink of a more fundamental transformation.