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Collaborative working in the Public Sector Survey 2014

By Chris Conway - 02nd July 2014

Last month saw the release of the iGov survey, ‘Collaborative Working in the Public Sector Survey 2014.’

This survey considered how documents are currently worked on and shared both within and outside of departments. It assessed how departments are rising to the challenges presented by the need for greater collaboration between departments and wider industry and for mobile working by their staff.

Zaizi, teaming up with Alfresco, commissioned the survey to investigate how the public sector is managing its collaborative platforms and how well they judge that these systems have been adopted.

With thanks to the 205 surveyed public sector professionals, from managers to chief executives, from 138 unique organisations, we had excellent feedback and found some intriguing results.

Key Findings:

  • 93% surveyed have a strategy for managing sensitive or confidential information
  • 57% view productivity as a significant challenge
  • New ways of working, notably Bring Your Own Device (only 11%) and cloud (36%) have very low uptakes as compared to the private sector

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Obviously the first finding of managing sensitive information is no surprise, as public and government bodies deal with huge amounts of sensitive data and have to ensure that practises are in place to deal with them.

In relation to the second and third findings it becomes apparent that although dealing with sensitive data is part of the public sectors working routine, this may be a hinderance when it comes to embracing collaborative platforms.

The private sector is leading the way through collaboration schemes such as BYOD (bring your own device) and cloud collaboration, this may be seen by the public sector as a risky strategy for dealing with their sensitive data.

In a joint statement, Zaizi and Alfresco commented,

 "We recognise the tightrope that public sector departments have to walk when weighing up benefits like productivity, usability, security and value for money. We have worked tirelessly with government to design modern collaborative systems that embrace all these, but this survey indicates we need to work harder on educating people on how innovations like Bring Your Own Device and cloud can meet the highest security standards. Our ‘Simple Solutions for Smart Government’ are part of this effort combining simplified & secure cloud access with an intelligent sync back to in-house repositories."


Zaizi’s solution, based upon Alfresco, offers a fully secure collaborative platform, enabling the public sector to share and manage information securely, even when sharing with third parties. Our solution offers many areas to make sure you are staying secure and compliant:

  • Protective markings
  • Secure access for external users
  • Compliance auditing Watermarking and digital rights
  • Encryption at rest
  • Active Directory Federation Services(AD FS)
  • Two factor authentication (2FA)

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Alfresco empowers teams to share, save and manage content on one platform across cloud, on-premise and mobile devices. Using our solution, Public sector bodies will be able to embrace the very latest in working practises, and make sure that your organisation is as productive and collaborative as possible whilst not risking sensitive data.Want to know more? Get in touch with Zaizi now to hear how you can work together effectively.

About the author: Chris Conway
Chris is a content and video producer for Zaizi. Chris has a passion for all things digital and has recently produced interview videos for our clients such as BCC, UOW and Oxfam amongst others. He recently produced online ‘how to guides’ for records management, collaboration and search and manages our monthly web talks on new technical insights innovative open source technologies.