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Associate Network





Flexible and rewarding project-based work for experienced professionals




The honeypot children's charity


Be part of Zaizi’s exceptional team. Work on exciting public sector projects. And make a positive difference in people’s lives.

We have many years’ experience in building blended teams with our clients, internal staff and network of associates. There are times when we need to bring in additional resource and expertise to complement our wider team and provide our clients with solutions that meet their needs. We recognise the importance of this contribution and the value it adds to our work.

Why join the network?



Manage a healthy work-life balance by taking ownership of your career path by choosing projects that interests you the most. From single placements to working as part of a team of specialists, we have both short and long-term engagements.



Strengthen and grow your reputation by delivering high-value results for our clients. Have access to exciting and challenging projects, working alongside other Zaizi specialists on important government digital transformation projects.



You’ll have access to project-relevant training as well as Zaizi's pool of expertise. We'll help you ease in with the client, ensure your needs are met and provide you with support where required.

If you're interested in joining our associate network please click here to send your details.